2016 - Freelancing - HTML&CSS- Link

What kind of app is this?

These are several different apps

I was a UI developer

The majority of my tasks was the implementation of UX/UI changes into different application architectures: Rails, Angular, React, React Native and Django. I was turning designes from Zepplin and Photoshop into the real application. I was either given existing code base or had to start from scratch. Clean code, reusability and object-oriented principles were mandatory. The automatization with Gulp and Webpack made my workflow faster. Browserstack helped me test remotely while browsersync helped me test locally.

Working with clients from all over the world taught me that communication is an important part of software development, I have been using mostly Slack and Trello for communication. Creating tickets for issues on Github helped me track important bugs and helped me find elegant solutions for complex problems.

I have worked with the following startups and agencies from all over the world: TINT, Ipquest, RetailZipline, Poviolabs, Kwikdroid, Swapportunity, LocalForge

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