2019 - Punk Rock Dev - React Native- Link

What kind of app is this?

Craftstrom enables users to connect to solar panels at their homes. After the login, users are redirected to the dashboard which renders two graphs that show the amount of generated solar energy in the last week. They can also see the state of the battery.

I was a React Native developer

The app was built with React Native, customized both for Android and iOS. Graphs were made with dc.js and d3.js. Besides those app uses some cool react-native npm packages like tcomb, animatable, moment.js, axios and plenty others.

My task was to implement user interface with react-native-elements and react-native and to handle user authentication and authorization with ajax calls to the backend api. User's token is stored using AsyncStorage. The app excited me a lot because I was able to get my hands on JS and React Native. It made me really happy that I can prove and test my JS skills!

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