2019 - Code Institute - CSS- Link

What kind of app is this?

Code Institute is Dublin based bootcamp that trains students from zero to hero, turning them into real porfessional developers with large scope of skills, in front-end and back-end. Students with diploma from Code Institute are eligible to apply to almost any software developer job.

I was a CSS developer

The main technologies required for this project were HTML, CSS, Scss and JS and some fundamental knowledge in Django architecture.

I have been developing content and learning material for students. The content I wrote provided students with up to date knowledge about the mandatory skills needed for web development: HTML, CSS, CSS animations and transitions, responsive web design, JS and Scss. After that, students were given challenges where they could practice on real-life examples. Except for challenges, I created a quiz for each lesson that tested student's knowledge as well. The other task was audio and video material that complements the rest of the content.

The task was to implement plenty of new components into an existing LMS based on Django: quizzes, embedded, sidebar, course content, header, footer. I coded the interface of every course module. I was provided with the design files. It required CSS and Scss skills. The existing LMS code was slow and messy. I improved it with Scss logic. Now it is much cleaner and faster. I liked working with a designer, he had a really good eye for modern and contemporary design

I have been mentoring (remotely) for several years at Code Institute. The major part of the mentorship sessions is focusing on the code quality of students' projects. I help students to think like professional developers from the very start of their coding career. The content agnosticism, don't repeat yourself, reusability and object orientation are principles that I encourage on every session. I advise my students to stay persistent, committed and curious.

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