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Have you seen my codepen?

In my free time I like to create CSS art. I find inspiration in the world around me. I learned a lot about CSS coding these small projects. They are mostly coded by Scss, actually.

Check out more here.

Have you seen my github?

Here are some projects I hosted on Github. Of course I can not show you the source code of the clients' projects since it would be illegal. But I think you can get the idea about my code quality by checking these out. You can finde more about the apps in their file on Github.

Cards app
Restaurants app
Employees app

What am I working on?

I am currently building two things: an LMS app for my students in coding school and a dating app for LGBTIQA+ people on Balkan. These are my side hustles.

This is a learning management system with lessons in HTML&CSS, Javascript and React. Students can read lessons, solve quizzes and ask questions about the lesson. Admin can CRUD lessons and courses. It is built with Ruby on Rails. Check out demo here.

This is a dating app for LGBTIQA+ people based in Balkan area. The demo shows a Next.js landing page where users can sign up to our newsletter and be up to date with the latest news on release of the app. I am building an actual dating app using Ruby on Rails. Check out demo here.

Do you have something interesting I could work on?

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